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“Little Gray Planet” is an educational interactive story that tells the importance of preserving the environment and the consequences that harmful acts have in the world environment. The story is set in an indefinite future, where the world is plagued by massive pollution caused by human interference. The main character, Pauline, is a girl who is always curious about the times when “the sky was blue” instead of the gray sky of her time. She wonders if it would be possible to have the world reverted to that previous condition.

The user follows Pauline as she walks through different scenes, having the opportunity to interact with certain elements. When an ecologically friendly choice is made, it will help improving the natural environment and the user will be able to see the enhancement in the environment’s quality (otherwise, the bad consequences of not choosing the right actions are shown in the same way). Further information is also available about the distinct topics addressed in the different scenes. In this way, the user can learn (or remember), in an entertaining fashion, facts and practices about our environment and how to take care of it.

The application is presented in a format that we called “Interactive TV Comics”, a new form of interactive content designed for TV. It combines the traditional style of comic books with interactivity, creating a new experience for TV viewers. The images shown in the application were created keeping in mind the purpose of amusing the users (children or not).

The end of the story will be directly influenced by the user’s choices during the course of the story. There’s a clear message in “Little Gray Planet”: by doing what’s right, we can, individually, still help saving our planet. As Pauline’s grandmother wisely states: “Every little action counts”.