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The “Raider of The Lost Videogame” is an interactive narrative made for Interactive TV. The objetive of this  project is to propose new ways on producing interactive content for Interactive Broadcast Television. The story was written so that the interactive choices would appear naturally, and the way it was shot also gives the impression that the viewer is playing a videogame. Perhaps, following this kind of storyline can engage more effectively the viewers to interact with the content. This project suggests a new genre of “movie-game”. The theme of the story and the way the viewer “watches” the content, gives the opportunity for the viewer act as a videogame player (puts him right inside the action). The viewers can interact with the content as a videogame player. It’s a new way of watching TV, in which the viewers are called to participate of the storytelling.

Here is the YouTube version of the Raider of The Lost Videogame: