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The generation of engaging visual representations for interactive storytelling represents a key challenge for the evolution and popularization of interactive narratives. Usually, interactive storytelling systems adopt computer graphics to represent the virtual story worlds, which facilitates the dynamic generation of visual content. Although animation is a powerful storytelling medium, live-action films are still attracting more attention from the general public. In addition, despite the recent progress in graphics rendering and the wide-scale acceptance of 3D animation in films, the visual quality of video is still far superior to that of real-time generated computer graphics. In the present thesis, we propose a new approach to create more engaging interactive narratives, denominated “Video-Based Interactive Storytelling”, where characters and virtual environments are replaced by real actors and settings, without losing the logical structure of the narrative. This work presents a general model for interactive storytelling systems that are based on video, including the authorial aspects of the production phases, and the technical aspects of the algorithms responsible for the real-time generation of interactive narratives using video compositing techniques.

Paper Video-based Interactive Storytelling Using Real-time Video Compositing Techniques
(Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume 77, Issue 2, p. 2333–2357, 2018)

Paper Video-Based Interactive Storytelling
(PhD Thesis)